The Pioneer Woman’s Roast Chicken


While I absolutely love cooking, some days I just don’t want to do it. After a hard day’s work, the thought of spending any amount of time slaving away at the stove or even taking 10 minutes to toss a frozen pizza in the oven can just be too much for me to handle. On days like these I want something effortless and delicious. As I child, I remember what my mother would do on nights like these. After shepherding my sister and I to and from school and then to and from violin, piano, choir, and dance lessons, she usually picked up a loaf of  Safeway’s “French Bread” and an “100% Natural Rotisserie Chicken.” While I’m not sure of what “100% Natural” exactly means, as a small child, in my mind, it was “100% delicious.” Now, as a 20 something working professional, my go-to dinner on “I just can’t handle moving off the couch days” typically involves bingeing on left overs, rummaging through the kitchen cabinet for stale chocolate, or commandeering my boyfriend’s “CheeszIts.”  Given that that my local Safeway is a 15 minute walk up an enormous hill (it’s actually more like 10 and really not all that steep), as you can understand, Safeway’s Rotisserie chicken is simply not an option.

While perusing cyber space and drooling over various Pinterest recipes this past weekend, I came across Ree Drummond’s AKA The Pioneer Woman’s recipe for “Roast Chicken.” Discovering her recipe was a happy find and her culinary take on “Roast Chicken” immediately reminded me of all the wonderful times I shared with my parents, sister, and fluffy beast (i.e. Elliott the dog) at the dinner table while eating a simple, effortless, pre-made, $7 chicken.

Today I decided to give Ree’s recipe a go and it didn’t disappoint. My boyfriend decimated the chicken in little time and couldn’t help himself from “nom, nom, noming” in ecstasy.

While I wouldn’t make Ree’s recipe on a “lazy” night, it was definitely worth the effort and is already on the  agenda for my weekly “girl’s night in.”

Happy cooking!


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