My Cookie Dilemma

When grocery shopping I try to actively avoid setting foot in the “carb sections.” You all know what I’m talking about – the areas of the grocery store where the bakery bread, freshly made cakes, buttery “Club House Crackers,” and the oh so tempting Pepridge Farm “Soft Baked” cookies reside. I know for a fact that, if I were Super Woman, my Kryptonite would definitely be Entenmann’s “Cinnamon Pop’Ems.” Regardless of where you do your shopping, all stores have these specific areas which are, in my opinion, designed to torture every health conscious or dieting person in America.

Although I rarely allow myself to set foot in the “carb sections” I do, on occasion, inevitably find myself sneaking a box or two of cookies into my grocery basket. When this happens, I am usually wracked with guilt for the days to follow. Interestingly though, I have discovered that when I make my own cookies, I NEVER guilty. So, as you can imagine, I use any and every friend’s birthday, holiday party, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Friday of the Month for an excuse to bake cookies. I try to rationalize the situation with “They’re not for me” or “I’m making them for OTHER people to eat” or “What a productive use for that half eaten bag of chocolate chips” statements.”

This past week my girl friend Jessi turned 26. To celebrate a group of us went bowling. You can’t have a birthday without some sort of desert now can you? I decided to make festive “Reeses Pieces” topped brownies for the occasion. While assembling the necessary ingredients on the kitchen counter I realized that I was without baking chocolate. Well this small dilemma didn’t stop me from baking. I decided to improvise and make “Peeses Pieces” Peanut Butter Cookies instead. They were a huge success all around. We all were able to celebrate Jessi’s birthday and I was able to stuff my face with cookies “guilt-free.” A win all around. Everyone ate cookies and everyone was happy.


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